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Bruce R. Burningham

Chair of LAN
Professor of Hispanic Studies & Theatre

Office Address: Stevenson Hall 116B
Office Phone: (309) 438-3908
Office Hours:

By appointment

Email: Contact Bruce R. Burningham (brburni)
Website: Visit Bruce R. Burningham’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
  • Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Hispanic Oral Traditions
  • Performance Theory
Research Interests:
  • Medieval and Early Modern Literature
  • Cervantes
  • Theater
  • Film
  • Jongleuresque Performance
  • Comedia Studies
  • Romancero Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Street Theater
  • Popular Culture
  • Postmodernism

PhD, Yale University (Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Theatre)
MPhil, Yale University (Spanish Golden Age Literature)
MA, University of Utah (Latin American Literature)
BA, University of Utah (Spanish)
BA, University of Utah (Theatre)

Selected Publications:



Articles and Chapters:


  • "Cognitive Theatricality: Jongleuresque Imagination on the Early Spanish Stage."  Cognitive Approaches to Early Modern Spanish Literature.  Ed. Julien Simon and Isabel Jaén.  Forthcoming.
  • "The Secret Life of Patiño's Pen."  Cervantes, política nacional y estética nacionalista, 1920-1975.  Ed. Jacques Lezra.  Special issue of eHumanista/Cervantes.  Forthcoming.
  • "Bad Moon Rising: Lycanthropy and LIminality in Cervantes's 'El coloquio de los perros.'"  Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares.  Ed. Moisés Castillo.  Special issue of Romance Quarterly.   Forthcoming.
  • "Time (and Time [Again]) in Don Quixote."  Baroque Projections: Images and Texts in Dialogue with the Early Modern Hispanic World.  Ed. Michael Horswell and Frédéric Conrod.  Forthcoming.
  • "In Praise of Lupe."  Women's Words and Works in the Early Modern Iberian World.  Ed. Adrienne Martín and María Cristina Quintero.  Forthcoming.
  • "Corpus Lorqui: Transformation and Transubstantiaton in Los Barracos de Federico's El caballero de Olmedo."  Remaking the Comedia: Spanish Classical Theater in Adaptation.  Ed. Harley Erdman and Susan Paun de García.  Forthcoming.
  • "Don Quixote in the American Imaginary." Approaches to Teaching Don Quixote.  Ed. James A. Parr and Lisa Vollendorf.  MLA Approaches to Teaching World Literature Series.  Forthcoming.
  • "An Apology for the Actorly: Maravall, Sor Juana, and the Economics of Jongleuresque Performance."  Bulletin of the Comediantes 65.1 (2013): 131-54.
  • "Writing in the Margins: Cervantes' Challenge to Massenet."  Seattle Opera Magazine 28.3 (Winter 2010-2011): 18-22.
  • “David Lynch and the Dulcineated World."  Cervantes 30.2 (2010): 33-56.
  • “On the Bricks: The Terra Nova Consort, Greenshows, and the Spanish Jongleuresque."  Comedia Performance 7.1 (2010): 103-42.
  • "The Moor's Last Sigh: National Loss and Imperial Triumph in Lope de Vega's The Last Goth. " LATCH 3 (2010): 34-63.
  • “Os Manchíadas.”  USA Cervantes: 39 cervantistas en Estados Unidos.  Ed. Georgina Dopico Black and Francisco Layna Ranz.  Madrid: Polifemo, 2009. 247-72.
  • “De Laudatione Cervantina.”  Tradition and Innovation in Early Modern Spanish Studies: Essays in Memory of Carroll B. Johnson.  Ed. Sherry Velasco.  Newark, DE: Juan de la Cuesta, 2008.  41-49.
  • “Suicide and the Ethics of Refusal.”  Critical Reflections: Essays on Golden Age Spanish Literature in Honor of James A. Parr.  Ed. Barbara Simerka and Amy R. Williamsen.  Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2006.  44-54.
  • “Placing the Comedia in Performative Context.”  Approaches to Teaching Early Modern Spanish Drama.  Ed. Laura Bass and Margaret R. Greer.  MLA Approaches to Teaching World Literature Series.  New York: Modern Language Association, 2006.  107-114.
  • “Insidious Echoes: Ballad Resonance and Bodily Threats in Peribáñez.”  Comedia Performance 3.1 (2006): 60-90.
  • “Cervantine Reflections on The Matrix.”  Don Quijote Across Four Centuries: 1605-2005.  Ed. Carroll B. Johnson.  Newark, DE: Juan de la Cuesta, 2006.  49-59.
  • “Beleaguered Hegemony and Triangular Desire in Lope de Vega’s Las famosas asturianas and John Ford’s Stagecoach.”  Bulletin of the Comediantes 56.1 (2004): 115-42.
  • “Salman Rushdie, autor del Cautivo.”  Estas primicias del ingenio: jóvenes cervantistas en Chicago. Ed. Francisco Caudet and Kerry Wilks.  Madrid: Castalia, 2003.  35-54.
  • “Jongleuresque Dialogue, Radical Theatricality, and Maese Pedro’s Puppet Show.”  Cervantes 23.1 (2003): 165-200.
  • “Salman Rushdie, Author of the Captive’s Tale.”  The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 38.1 (2003): 113-33.
  • “Walt Disney’s Toy Story as Postmodern Don Quixote.”  Cervantes 20.1 (2000): 157-72.
  • “Barbarians at the Gates: The Invasive Discourse of Medieval Performance in Lope’s Arte nuevo.”  Theatre Journal 50 (1998): 289-302.  (Leading article; nominated for the Gerald Kahan Prize of the American Society for Theatre Research.)

Reviews and Other Publications:


  • Review of Quehaceres con Góngora by Julio Baena.  Forthcoming in Revista de Estudios Hispánicos.
  • Review of The Comedia in English: Translation and Performance.  Ed. Susan Paun de García and Donald R. Larson.  London: Támesis, 2008.  Forthcoming in Romanische Forschungen.
  • Review of Treacherous Foundations: Betrayal and Collective Identity in Early Spanish Epic, Chronicle, and Drama by Geraldine Coates.  London: Támesis, 2009.  Forthcoming in Bulletin of the Comediantes.
  • Review of International Don Quixote. Ed. Theo D'haen and Reindert Dhondt.  Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009.  Forthcoming in Comparative Literature Studies.
  • Review of The Poetics of Speech in the Medieval Spanish Epic by Matthew Bailey.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.  Calíope 17.1 (2011): 236-39.
  • Review of Transnational Cervantes by William Childers.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006.  Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 42.2 (2008): 366-68
  • Review of Monarchy, Political Culture, and Drama in Seventeenth-Century Madrid by Jodi Campbell.  Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2006. Calíope 13.2 (2007): 100-03.
  • Review of El nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristóbal Colón / The New World Discovered by Christopher Columbus: Una edición crítica y bilingüe / A Critical and Bilingual Edition by Robert M. Shannon.  New York: Peter Lang, 2001. Bulletin of the Comediantes 59.2 (2007): 427-29.
  • Review of Perfect Wives, Other Women: Adultery and Inquisition in Early Modern Spain by Georgina Dopico Black.  Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2001.  Renaissance and Reformation 25.2 (2001): 100-102.
  • Review of El texto puesto en escena. Estudios sobre la comedia del Siglo de Oro en honor a Everett W. Hesse.  Ed. Bárbara Mujica y Anita K. Stoll.  London: Támesis, 2000.  Gestos 32 (2001): 180-183.
  • Discussant for "El postmodernismo de Ortega y Gasset" by Felix Martínez Bonati.  Mester 29 (2000): 1-27.

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