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Juliet Lynd

Associate Professor

Office Address: STV 217
Office Phone: 438-7347
Office Hours:
Email: Contact Juliet Lynd (jlynd)
Website: Visit Juliet Lynd’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture
Literary and Cultural Studies
Topics in Dictatorship and Postdictatorship
Transatlantic Connections between Latin America and Spain
Gender and Literature
Literature and Politics
Literature and Culture of the Southern Cone
Film, Performance, and Visual Arts

For more, visit my website.
Research Interests:
Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture
Literary and Cultural Studies
Politics of Literature and Culture in Chile since the 1960s
Intersections between theories of literature, culture, politics, and performance

For more, visit my website.
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
M.A. University of Minnesota
B.A. Vassar College
Selected Publications:

    “The Politics of Performance and the Performance of Narrative in Roberto Bolaño’s Estrella distante.” Chasqui: Revista de literatura latinoamericana. May 2011. 170-188.

    “Reflections on a Conversation with Ana María Jiménez, Wife of Ángel Escobar.” Part of a dossier on Ángel Escobar (along with translations of his poetry done by Kristin Dykstra and an essay by critic Efraín Rodríguez, also translated by Dykstra). Sirena: poesía, arte y crítica 2010: 2. 126-136.

    “‘Hondo es el pozo del tiempo’: Memory and Violence in Raúl Zurita’s Las ciudades de agua (2007).” Mandorla: New Writing from the Americas/Nueva escritura de las Américaas 13 (2010): 405-420.

    “Writing from the Margins of the Chilean Miracle: Diamela Eltit and the Aesthetics and Politics of the Transition.” Invited submission for Post-Authoritarian Culture: Spain and Latin America’s Southern Cone. Eds. Luis Martín Estudillo and Roberto Ampuero. Hispanic Issues. Vanderbilt UP, 2008. 12-33.

    “Memoria y el obstinado problema de la complicidad: estéticas, políticas y Hernán Vidal.” Invited submission for Ideologías y literatura: Homenaje a Hernán Vidal. Eds. Javier Campos and Mabel Moraña. Serie Crítica. Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 2006. 315-345.

    “Precarious Resistance: Weaving Opposition in the Poetry of Cecilia Vicuña.” PMLA 120.5 (October 2005): 1588-1607. Winner of the Florence Howe Award.

    Las edades de Lulú: ¿feminismo, pornografía o novela rosa?” Coauthored with Carmen Moreno-Nuño. Lead article. España Contemporánea: Revista de Literatura y Cultura 15.1 (Spring 2002): 7-30.

    “Happy Sadist or Latent Feminist?: Un Buñuel Mexicain.” Coauthored with Caryn Connelly. Studies in Latin American Popular Culture 21 (2002): 233-249.

    “Virgins, Brides and Devils in Disguise: Buñuel Does Mexican Melodrama.” Coauthored with Caryn Connelly. Lead article. Quarterly Review of Film and Video 18.3 (August 2001): 235-56.

    “Art and Politics in Paul Leduc’s Frida: naturaleza viva.” Romance Languages Annual 8 (1998): 696-702.

    “The Voice of the Other in Alejo Carpentier’s Baroque World: The Challenge to Authoritarian Discourse in El reino de este mundo and Los pasos perdidos.” Romance Languages Annual 7 (1997): 593-99.

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