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Learn about the requirements for the:

Courses in German

The German Program offers a variety of courses in language, literature, and culture, and there are also several ways to meet course requirements. See the Sample Course Plan for more information.


Professor Andrew Weeks advises students interested in the DAAD and Fullbright scholarships.

Online Placement Tests

Interested in enrolling in a German class? Take the online placement test to learn which level to start with.

Meet the German Professors

There are currently three professors of German at Illinois State:

They teach all levels of German language, literature, and culture and are active and productive scholars.  Their teaching and research interests can be found under Faculty & Staff. In addition, the German program benefits greatly each semester from classes taught and tutoring sessions offered by visiting native-German instructors and assistants.

Read Tyler Faivre's blog The Effect of Good Professors to learn more about our German faculty members from a student's point of view.

Learn about German at ISU

Videos Of Our Majors:

our majors Talking about German at ISU

Meet a former German Major

To learn about our alumni and read about their experiences in the German program at ISU, visit the German Alums page.

A Visit to a German 111 Class

A German 111 student was asked to tape a class so that one of his friends in Germany could see what an Introductory course on German would be like. We use this video with thanks to and the kind permission of that student, Tyler Faivre.


Get Involved

Student Organizations

Learn about the German Student Activites and opportunities, including Kaffeestunde (conversation hour), the German Film Series, Stammtisch, and the Coalition of German Students.

Study Abroad

Learn about opportunities to Study Abroad in Germany.


European Studies Symposium

euro studiesThe European Studies Symposium will gather together a group of speakers from different academic disciplines and institutions.  Their presentations will address the significance of Europe, its past and present, its parts and the whole, as an academic enterprise of particular merit.  The speakers will define the academic foundations and reflect the disciplinary range of European Studies. For more information about the symposium, go to the page at

Presentation by German Consul

German Consul Visit FlyerThe Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is happy to welcome the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany (Chicago) who will give his reflections on 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Thursday, November 13th at 2pm in STV 401.

Dr. J.M. van der Laan was interviewed by WGLT about Goethe's Faust: