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LAN professor leads summer study in Avila, Spain

avilaFor the third year in a row, a group of ISU students travelled to Avila, Spain, as part of summer study abroad program. The students stayed with host families while taking courses from Dr. Davis as well as faculty from the University of Salamanca’s Avila campus. They also travelled to Madrid, Segovia, Salamanca, and Seville as part of the experience. The program, established by Dr. Mir, allows students to complete a minor in Spanish while abroad, though it is open to any interested students. Those considering applying for the 2015 program should contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and of course talk to the 2014 participants.

Dr. Mir and Angela Bailey de las Heras publish conversation textbook

Congratulations to LAN’s Dr. Montserrat Mir and Angela Bailey de las Heras on their recent publication of ¡Qué me dices! A Task-Based Approach to Spanish Conversation.

conversation book

LAN Italian lecturer Rosenthal leads Honors group in Florence, Italy

The course (IDS 102) taught by Italian lecturer Lisa Rosenthal was created to add more international experiences to Illinois State’s Honors Program, which counts travel as a key way to experience Honors learning. The class was built around a unique learning model called “City As Text”, meaning Florence itself was the center of learning: its history, geography, culture, and customs. One class session was just devoted to pasta.
Overlooking-FlorenceFor more information about this study in Italy, read the article in Stateside.

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