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Hispanic Film Festival Presented by Sigma Delta Pi
PARAISO (Paradise)
Thursday, October 1, 2015 Stevenson Hall 101 7:00 PM
Childhood sweethearts Carmen and Alfredo live a life of quiet bliss in Satelite, a sleepy suburb outside of Mexico City. When Alfredo is offered a promotion, the lovebirds make the move into the bustling metropolis. It’s a rude awakening for Carmen, who until now has not really worried about the fact that she and Alfredo are both overweight. After overhearing gossip about their bodies at a company party, she decides that it is time to swap donuts for salads, and urges Alfredo to join her in a weight-loss program. But when only one of them actually starts to slim down, a rift emerges in their relationship.
Chenillo / Mexico / 2014 / 105 min, Spanish with English subtitles.
A talkback by Dianne Feasley, registered dietitian, associate director, Illinois State University Campus Dining Services will follow the film.
Sigma Delta Pi, The Spanish Honor Society, is excited to present a Spanish Film Festival as part of the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month. This event would not be possible without the sponsorship of MECCPAC and Latin American and Latino Studies Program.


Join Sigma Delta Pi, The Spanish Honor Society!!!

Los requisitos mínimos para pertenecer a Sigma Delta Pi son los siguientes:

  1. haber terminado 18 créditos en español (o estar en vías de completarlos este semestre) y por lo menos tres horas semestrales de un curso de Literatura o Cultura y Civilización Hispánica
  2. tener un promedio en español de 3.0 puntos o más
  3. tener un promedio general de 3.2 puntos o más
  4. ser estudiante subgraduado o posgraduado (haber cumplido al menos 2 clases al nivel posgrado)

Para poder ser iniciados, los solicitantes deben reunir las condiciones anteriormente detalladas y entregar la solicitud y la suma de $40 antes del 1 de octubre, a Ángela Bailey de las Heras, (STV 203B).

Para más información, visite nuestra página de web.


02/08: The Spanish Club participated in the International Fair on February 23 and 24, 2008. Read the article in the Pantagraph.