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Great Wall of China.

East Asian Studies Minor

East Asia is a center of international trade and culture, including the world's second largest (China) and third largest (Japan) economies. Both countries are major trading partners of the United States. Their civilizations, reaching back several millennia, offer some of the world's greatest art, literature, and philosophy.

The Minor in East Asian Studies allows you to combine language study with various elective courses in art, film studies, history, political science, anthropology, music, and philosophy.

Why Study East Asian Studies?

Mandarin Chinese, which is spoken by nearly one-fifth of the world's population, not only represents a rich cultural heritage but is ranked the most useful business language after English, according to a Bloomberg survey. The appeal of the Japanese language—knowledge of which is also a valued skill in business, government, and many other areas—is enhanced by the many Japanese cultural exports (manga, anime, martial arts, kawaii culture, and much else) that have grown exponentially over recent years.

Both languages open a learner's view to aspects of these rich cultures that remain invisible to tourists or visitors working through interpreters. Knowledge of either language is a valuable asset for careers in government, international relations, finance, tourism, teaching, and many other areas.

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