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Paris Landscape.

French and Francophone Studies

Today, French is spoken on every continent on earth—and locally, right here in Bloomington-Normal. Designated a critical language by the Department of Defense, French also functions as a working language of many major international organizations such as the United Nations, the Red Cross, the European Court of Justice, and the International Olympic Committee.

Studying French opens doors to careers in government, public service, tourism, hospitality, health services, business, law, technology, fashion, communication, and education. Studying French improves your written and spoken communication (even in English!), equips you to succeed in a global workforce, and encourages a broader perspective on what it means to be human. Studying abroad in French-speaking country provides immersive, incomparable experience in a real-life context.

Listen to this French minor describe her many takeaways from French studies at Illinois State.

French Programs

French Graduate

Unfortunately, the French Masters program has been discontinued.

Resources For You

  • Student Organizations

    Learn more about the benefits of involvement in a registered student organization.

  • Placement Exams

    If you have previous experience in a language offered at Illinois State, you can take our Online Placement Exams.

  • French Faculty

    Meet the professors and professionals with whom you will be working.

  • Grammar Help Desk

    Students are helped on a first-come, first-served basis with questions that they have concerning their language learning.

Explore Your Options

  • Earn Free Credit Hours

    If you took this language in high school, you may be able to begin at a higher level of this language at ISU, making you eligible to earn four to eight hours credit for free. This can amount to more than $2,000 in savings.

    Email us with questions about placement.
  • Partner with Us

    If you love this language and culture as much as we do, let’s chat. We’re happy to visit high school classrooms, show you around our space, and come up with new ideas to celebrate and pass on this language and culture.

    Email Laura Edwards to start a conversation.

Financial Support

Learn how we can help support your academic experience.

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French Alumni

Addie CaDavid

"The process of learning a foreign language educated me beyond grammar and linguistics. It has encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone, view the world from different perspectives and communicate while traveling abroad."

Addie CaDavid'12
French minor and international volunteer