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Classical Studies Minor

The Classical Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Classical Antiquity. It includes three courses in the Latin language, from beginning to intermediate Latin.

Beyond Latin, students of Classical Studies have the opportunity to choose from several electives in Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, Greek and Roman history, medieval history, Italian Renaissance history, and medieval philosophy. Students of Latin are strongly encouraged to study abroad where they may earn credit for several of these courses. 

The minor imparts skills in critical reading, and the evaluation and interpretation of evidence; it prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, such as law, medicine, the sciences, museum science, library science, education, and journalism.

Why Study Classical Studies?

Arguably no other language has had more influence on modern Western culture than Latin. Latin was the language of literature, philosophy, diplomacy, law, science, history, and theology for centuries in Europe. Latin remains the official language of the Vatican to this day, and it continues to be spoken in living Latin programs in both the U.S. and abroad.

There are so many reasons to study Latin. Classical studies reveal the roots of our own modern American culture. And why not read about the triumph of Caesar in Gaul, the conquest of Italy recounted by Livy, or the eruption of Vesuvius described by Pliny the Younger in the original Latin? Because Latin was used throughout Europe as a scholarly language, even if you are not a student of history or literature, learning Latin can help grow your English vocabulary; roughly half of the English language is borrowed from Latin. Knowledge of Latin terms would be also indispensable for anyone pursing study in the fields of law, medicine, and the sciences.

Courses taken in Italy may count toward completion of the Classical Studies minor. Pre-approved year-round study abroad programs are provided by the Lorenzo de' Medici Institute.  Locations of study include Rome, Florence, and Tuscania. The summer study abroad and archeological dig program in Gradoli, Italy is also available to students pursuing a Classical Studies minor.

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