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Roger Thomas

Lang Literatures & Cultures
Stevenson Hall - STV -
  • Education
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Ph D Japanese Literature

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

Outstanding Professor Award

Panhellenic Association

Book, Chapter

Thomas, R. Waka Practice and Waka Poetics of the Edo Period. Haruo Shirane (EDs), Cambridge History of Japanese Literature. Cambridge University Press (2015): 471-477.
Thomas, R. Peasants, Peddlers, and Paramours: Waka Selections. S. Jones and K. Watanabe (EDs), An Edo Anthology:Literature from Japan’s Mega-City, 1750-1850. University of Hawai’i Press (2013): 413-430.

Journal Article

Eldeeb, M., Thomas, R., Ragheb, M., Fallahi, A., & Fon, E. Mitochondrial quality control in health and in Parkinson's disease.. Physiological reviews 102.4 (2022): 1721-1755.
Thomas, R. ‘A Land Blessed by Word Spirit’: Kamochi Masazumi and Early Modern Constructs of Kotodama. Early Modern Japan 20 (2012): 6-32.


Thomas, R. Kimigayo (National Anthem). Louis G. Perez (EDs), Japan at War: Encylcopedia (Military History Series). ABC-CLIO (2013): 177-179.
Thomas, R. Loyalist Verse (Shishi-gin). Louis G. Perez (EDs), Japan at War: Encylcopedia (Military History Series). ABC-CLIO (2013): 212-214.


Teru, M., & Thomas, R. River of Lights. Rivers. Kurodahan Press (2014)
Teru, M., Carpenter, J., & Thomas, R. Translation and Critical Introduction. Phantom Lights. Kurodahan Press (2011)


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"'Word Spirit': Language Ideologies in Japan and Elsewhere". Arts and Sciences Lecture Series. College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University. (2014)
The Historical Significance of Waka Poetry and of the Hyakunin Isshu. Niiyama Poetic Japanese Pottery: an Interpretation of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. Illinois State University-Milner Library. (2013)
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