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Academics and Credit

Students will take classes with other international students learning Spanish as a second language at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV).

Advanced Spanish students may have the opportunity to take courses in multiple disciplines with local Chilean students at the PUCV. All courses are taught by local Chilean faculty.

Learn more about courses and how they transfer back to Illinois State.

Students are encouraged to pursue service learning opportunities, which include volunteer work in schools or local community organizations.

Student Support in Chile

International Studies Abroad (ISA) offices are located directly across the street from the main university building. ISA staff are on hand for student support:

  • Airport pickup and 3-day orientation in Santiago upon arrival.
  • Online site with materials and activities to deepen students understanding of Chile and process their experiences.
  • Emergency services and support.
  • Space for socializing and studying right across the street from the university.
  • Academic support and advising.
  • Assistance seeking volunteer and extra-curricular activities.
  • Support upon returning home to assist with re-entry and help students best present their experiences to future employers.
  • Opportunities for internships with the Global Ambassador Program.
  • ISA offers a number of scholarships students can apply for to assist with program costs.

Housing and Budget

  • Students living with a family in a homestay are provided 3 meals/day and laundry service.
  • For an additional fee, students can be the only student in a family homestay.
  • Students also have the option of living with other international students in a pensión/guest house with three meals a day and laundry service.

Eligibility and Requirements

This program is open to Spanish majors and minors, Spanish Education majors, or any student with intermediate-advanced level Spanish skills. Some courses may count toward requirements in Bilingual Education, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, and/or General Education.

Prerequisite: SPA 116

Students who speak Spanish but have no university coursework in the language should contact the faculty director, Dr. Juliet Lynd.