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Spanish professor lecturing.


The Spanish program at Illinois State University takes pride in offering small classes where students receive individualized attention and training in all aspects of language proficiency. Just as important, our undergraduates develop critical thinking skills and appreciation for diversity as they take courses in Hispanic cultures and literatures, as well as Spanish linguistics.

Our slate of offerings includes a sturdy base of fundamentals, on which students build their own program from a selection of electives of most interest to them. Finally, our popular study abroad programs in Latin America and Spain provide opportunities for language development, cultural immersion, broadening perspectives, and friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime.

Our faculty is delighted to help students from all backgrounds who are interested in Spanish language and Hispanic cultures to realize the vision expressed in the University’s Educate • Connect • Elevate strategic plan.

Spanish Programs

  • Inca ruins in Mexico.

    Spanish Major

    The Spanish program takes pride in offering small classes where students receive individualized attention.

  • Two students talking in street.

    Spanish Teacher Education Major

    Prepares graduates for K-12 teaching, while offering a dynamic interdisciplinary approach.

  • Ancient houses in Spain.

    Spanish Minor

    Everyone is speaking Spanish, across the country and around the world. Improve your marketability in the workforce by adding a Spanish minor.

  • Kid on the streets of Mexico.

    Spanish Graduate Program

    Earn your Master of Arts (M.A.) with a concentration in Spanish. Students take classes from experts in the fields of pedagogy, linguistics, culture, and literature.

Resources For You

  • Student Organizations

    Learn more about the benefits of involvement in a registered student organization.

  • Placement Exams

    If you have previous experience in a language offered at Illinois State, you can take our Online Placement Exams.

  • Spanish Faculty

    Meet the professors and professionals with whom you will be working.

  • Grammar Help Desk

    Students are helped on a first-come, first-served basis with questions that they have concerning their language learning.

Explore Your Options

  • Earn Free Credit Hours

    If you took this language in high school, you may be able to begin at a higher level of this language at ISU, making you eligible to earn four to eight hours credit for free. This can amount to more than $2,000 in savings.

    Email us with questions about placement.
  • Partner with Us

    If you love this language and culture as much as we do, let’s chat. We’re happy to visit high school classrooms, show you around our space, and come up with new ideas to celebrate and pass on this language and culture.

    Email Laura Edwards to start a conversation.

Spanish Alumni

Lorraine Garcia

"What I really liked about the Spanish program was how easy it was to know what classes I needed to take in order to graduate. I also liked the classes themselves because they helped me expand my horizons on topics I would have never studied myself and by opening me up to new cultures."

Lorraine Garcia '15
Spanish major, now teacher